# Something you will need to be aware of
if you post boxes via royal mail...!!

As from Monday 28th October, Royal mail are extending the size of small parcels there is a new "squarer" option deeper and wider ....
Called "SMALL PARCELS DEEP" these are available to order from our website
Available Here

For more details on the royal mail website:

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  Paper Back Books

Where packaging costs less....

fantastic Value Paper Back Books

At this price you would expcect second hand

BUT NO !! These are NEW !!!

A kiss from maddalena - Christopher Castellani£0.63
Amber - Stephan Collishaw£0.63
Cracking The Da Vinci Code - Simon Cox£0.63
Class Act - Lynda Lee Potter£0.63
Daughters - Paule Marshall£0.63
Daisy Chain War - Joan O'Neil£0.63
Eternity is Temporary - Bill Broady£0.63
Easter Island - Jennifer Vanderbes£0.63
fallen star - Joan O'neil£0.63
Frame games - Terrey Stickels£0.63
Gross Britain - Taffy st george mcscott£0.63
Girls are groovy - Jean ure£0.63
Heligan Wild - Colin Howlett£6.30
how to seduce a ghost - Hope Mclntyne£0.63
How to talk to a widower - Johnathan Tropper£0.63
Household management for men - Jane Moseley£0.63
Intrepid Journeys£0.63
Indiscretions - Jude Morgan£0.63
Just tell them i survived - Robings Burns£0.63
Landscape with the animals - Cameron redfern£0.63
Matrix Warrior - Being the one Jake Horsley£0.63
Mustn't Grumble - Terry Wogan£0.63
No Man's Land - Richard Crowley£0.63
Other Woman - Kirsty Crawford£0.63
Oxford - Richard Tames£0.63
Only say the word - Niall Williams£0.63
Pocket Wine Book 2008 - Hugh Johnson£0.63
River Thieves - Michael Crummey£0.63
Saffron skies - Lesley lokko£0.63
stiff - Shane Maloney£0.63
Stattered Icon - Bill Napier£0.63
The Lost Diary of Don Juan - Douglas Abrams£0.63
The Lazy Husband - Dr Joshua Coleman£0.63
The lost diary of don juan - Douglas abrams£0.63
The Divide - Nicholas Evans£0.63
The mesmerist - Barbara Ewing£0.63
The mammoth cheese£0.63
The Vault Of Bones - Pip Vaughan - Hughes£0.63
The Renaissance - Paul Johnson£0.63
The Dirty Bits For Girls - india Knight£0.63
Turning Point - Jennifer Rees Larcombe£0.63
Touching earth - Rani Manicka£0.63
the light of evening - edna o'brien£0.63
The Jordan Joke Book - A C Parfitt£0.63
The pied piper - Ridley Pearson£0.63
The Mermaid and the Drunks - Ben Richards£0.63
teach yourself reflexology- chris stormer£0.63
The Foreshadowing - Marcus Sedgwick£0.63
The Last Song Of Dusk - Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghai£0.63
the da vi vinci code - tracey turner£0.63
The Truth About Love - Jane Elizabeth Varley£0.63
This is the country - William Wall£0.63
Vol 7 Castaway - iushigi yugi£0.63
Writing in Bullets - Kim Long£0.63
Whiteman - Tony D'Souza£0.63
Your Cheatin Heart - Annie McCartney£0.63

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