# Something you will need to be aware of
if you post boxes via royal mail...!!

As from Monday 28th October, Royal mail are extending the size of small parcels there is a new "squarer" option deeper and wider ....
Called "SMALL PARCELS DEEP" these are available to order from our website
Available Here

For more details on the royal mail website:

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  <b>Layer perfect

Layer perfect

Where packaging costs less....

Layer Perfect Tool: Matting and Layering ruler for craft applications. Perfect for drawing circles and curves, helps you to measure, align and position a variety of different shapes to create perfect layers.

Layer Perfect has steel reinforced edges, is made of clear acrylic for ease when measuring and positioning. It works with all shapes and sizes and you can even layer 3D projects.

As well as layering and matting, it's great for creating stitching and precise positioning for gems, pearls etc.

Non Slip Grip: The non slip coated material comes in A4 size and can be applied to rulers, guillotines, glass cutting mats, stamp positions and all layering tools. Simply cut a piece of non slip grip to size and place onto the desired area (the part of the tool you want to stop from moving). Then slide the tool into place. Press down and the non slip grip allows you to work with sheer precision whether cutting or measuring given confidence every time.

S57321 Metric Layer Perfect   Details
S57322 Imperial Layer Perfect   Details

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