# Something you will need to be aware of
if you post boxes via royal mail...!!

As from Monday 28th October, Royal mail are extending the size of small parcels there is a new "squarer" option deeper and wider ....
Called "SMALL PARCELS DEEP" these are available to order from our website
Available Here

For more details on the royal mail website:

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  750mm (30") wide ANTI - STATIC small bubble bubblewrap (100m long rolls)
  750mm (30") wide ANTI - STATIC small bubble bubblewrap (100m long rolls)

Where packaging costs less....

Anti static Bubblewrap

Anti-static (low charging) small bubble bubble wrap.

Small bubbles for easy wrapping.

Bubble size approx 10mm in mm / 1cm in cm or 0.35" in inches

. Great value 100 metre rolls.

All sizes and measurements are approximate.

Available in 300mm wide (11.75") by 100m rolls

500mm wide (19.5")by 100m rolls and 750mm wide (19.5") by 100m rolls

Most anti static bubblewrap is pink due to a colouring additive , we dont add that and so it wont be pink , but still is anti static !


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